Parker credit union

The Mile High City is known for many things, from its elevation to its great breweries. However, visitors can also enjoy Denver’s restaurants scene, considering the amazing range of options they have when it comes to places to eat.

There are some iconic restaurants that put this city on the map food-wise. These are just 3 recommendations from a couple of enthusiastic restaurant goers from our highly regarded credit union located in Parker:

Sam’s No. 3

This very popular place is great for people who look for a classic diner that makes them feel nostalgically American.  Everyone can find here almost anything they like to eat; you can get breakfast all day and you can try the creative breakfast burritos and green chili.

Charlie Brown’s

This is the city`s oldest piano bar, which dates back from the Prohibition era and still hosts nightly sing-a-longs. The décor keeps up with the restaurant`s history, being somewhat dated and completed with antiques. The food is varied, from standard pizza/ burgers to chicken/ steak/ seafood and even Greek specialties.

Cherry Cricket

If you are looking for the best burgers in the city, the Cherry Cricket serves some of the best you will ever taste, since the ‘40s.  This restaurant is very loved by the Denver community, which is the key to its longevity.