Uncluttering your home can be great not only from the point of view of practicality, but also for your own peace of mind. But before starting the whole operation, you may want to take care of a few details, such as categorizing your clutter. To do this, you should organize your clutter in several categories such as garbage, items that can go to the recycling bin, things that need to be repaired, things that you can donate and others which have to be put away in different rooms or spaces around your house.

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Among the many tips and tricks you can use, here are 3 of them suggested by representatives from a not for profit credit union in Monument:

  1. Use your kitchen storage spaces to the maximum. You can do that by deciding to give up on any appliances which you have not used for a long time, such as for a year or even more.
  2. You can turn the space under your stairs into a great storage area. You can do that by installing drawers in the steps, in which you can put various items such as shoes, clothing, hats, umbrellas, cleaning tools, etc.
  3. Do your best to keep your bathroom free of clutter at all times. The fact is most people have more toiletries than they actually use.