Colorado is one of those places that inspire the soul and pique people`s imagination, because of its stunning natural diversity. From the Rockies, scenic drives, beautiful waterfalls and alpine lakes to the high desert, there are awesome natural places to visit for all outdoor enthusiasts out there.

Colorado`s natural vibe is unbeatable and it has the power to make people rethink their future travel plans.  Community engaged AAFCU representatives created a short list of some of the best places you can put on your next itinerary.

Cave of the Winds

This natural wonder cave, situated in Manitou Springs, will offer you the opportunity to experience caverning and total darkness. For a full experience, you can dive into Williams Canyon.

Great Sand Dunes  

This National Park and Preserve offers a particular sight, as it contains sand dunes – the tallest in the country! You can camp, star gaze (which is a totally amazing experience here!), hike or try some sand sledding.

Garden of the Gods

This National Natural Landmark offers miles of walking trails and the opportunity to wander through a unique landscape featuring stone towers, giant boulders and other dramatic rock formations. It is also a popular place for rock climbing.