Colorado is a beautiful state that has plenty of natural wonders and breathtaking sights to explore. Here are some lesser-known destinations provided by Colorado based Air Academy Credit Union that you should add to your list when you visit Colorado:

Air Academy Credit Union

  • Great Sand Dunes National Park – It’s home to the tallest sand dunes in North America, and it’s a great place for hiking, sandboarding, and stargazing.
  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park – Known for its deep and narrow canyons, the park offers incredible views and opportunities for hiking and camping.
  • Hanging Lake – This unique turquoise-colored lake is located in Glenwood Canyon and features some truly stunning waterfalls and cliffs.
  • Royal Gorge Bridge and Park – The park has the highest suspension bridge in America, and it offers some incredible views of the surrounding mountains and the Arkansas River.
  • Paint Mines Interpretive Park – Located in El Paso County, the park features colorful rock formations that were once used by Native Americans for their paints.
  • Bishop Castle – This unique and whimsical castle in Rye was built by one man over the course of several decades, and it’s free for everyone to explore.
  • Great Stupa of Dharmakaya – Located in Red Feather Lakes, the Stupa is a peaceful and spiritual site that’s open to visitors of all beliefs and backgrounds.
  • Rifle Falls State Park – Known for its stunning triple waterfall, this park offers plenty of hiking trails and picnic areas.