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When it comes to cooking in Colorado, there are many excellent dishes you can consider that are local favorites and even traditional dishes going back many years throughout Colorado history. A credit union near me in Monument that offers financial wellness courses affirms that these are some of the most delicious and beautiful dishes you can consider preparing to get anyone who grew up in Colorado interested in your cooking:

  • Mile High Green Chili is one of the main dishes known to be popular in the state of Colorado. It is loved by both locals and out of state visitors, and it can be served both as a main course over rice as well as over potatoes or eggs, or with enchiladas.
  • Lamb Marsala is another traditional dish that many Colorado locals will tell you was popular when they were growing up. A family favorite in most parts of Colorado, Lamb Marsala is relatively easy to prepare at home, using ingredients such as chicken broth, fresh mushrooms and a boneless leg of lamb.
  • Zesty Marinated Shrimp is yet another dish that Colorado locals tend to enjoy a great deal. The shrimp can be prepared ahead of time, which is great when you have guests coming over and you’re not sure when they will arrive. The zesty sauce will also give your shrimp a delicious spicy citrus flavor that will have your guests wanting more.