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Close to what we may call central US, the city of Denver, in Colorado, was founded in 1859, and its history is closely linked to the phenomenon of the Gold Rush.

As a visitor, you will find lots of attractions you cannot pass up. Here are a few suggestions from representatives at a top rated credit union near me in Parker:

Brewery tour… or just breweries

Denver is home to the largest beer festival in the United States, which is organized each year and offers over 3,000 types of beer, from the top 600 breweries in America. With such an event, it is obvious that the city is famous for its breweries and bars where you can taste the beer.

Visit the restaurants in Larimer Square

Allow yourself to be surprised by the flavor of all the goodies served in Larimer Square. It is also an occasion to admire the beautiful buildings here, in Victorian style.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

You must surely devote an entire day to discovering this museum, because you have a lot to see: from cellular evolution, to dinosaurs, plants and birds (some long extinct!) and to the evolution of the human species.

Denver Botanical Garden

Whole acres of carefully manicured vegetation hide a beautiful lake with clear water, small waterfalls, a Japanese garden and the largest tropical greenhouse on a unitary structure in the US – Denver Botanical Garden is an oasis of peace and relaxation in the middle of the city. It offers many opportunities for exploration and learning, caring for no less than 33,000 species of plants.