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If you plan to visit Denver, your itinerary might not be complete unless you seriously research and consider some of the landmarks and places that are mentioned below. These areas are known to Denver locals and tourists alike, and are definitely worth your while to check them out when you finally find time to visit Colorado.

Fans of the local history of Denver will definitely enjoy visiting the Buckhorn Exchange, a well-known restaurant that is known as Denver’s oldest steakhouse and a place rich with tales of the past.

Whether you’re interested in Denver’s architecture or religious history, the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is definitely a place that’s worth visiting as well. This is where Pope John Paul II celebrated mass in August, 1993, and the building itself is a sight to behold, being considered one of the more unique architectural constructions in the city.

A top credit union in Littleton that can help you make informed financial decisions, suggested that for anyone who prefers newer constructions and Denver’s modern architecture, the best place to go to is the History Colorado Center, one of the city’s newest important landmarks, where you will not only find the common artifacts most museums hold, but also interactive exhibits and the famous Stephen H. Hart Research Library. The History Colorado Center is located in the Golden Triangle Museum District, which houses many other well-known attractions that are worth taking a look at.