Moving to a new home is in the top 3 of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life, surpassed only by divorce and job change. So get ready, arm yourself patiently and always try to look at the bright side of the situation: a new beginning awaits you!

These are a few DIY home management tips from a talented mortgage team at the AAFCU credit union located near me in Littleton.  They are a full-service mortgage provider and hope these tips will make your home buying experience just a little bit easier.

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Make a list of utilities and necessary check-ups

Before you move, you need to find out what utilities you have, in order to take over the contracts and also make new ones, if you need them. In addition, based on the home inspection report you have got when you bought the house, you will have to plan the necessary repairs and renovations.

Talk to a furniture designer or manufacturer

Before you go to choose your furniture from a specialty store, take into account custom furniture too. You can get furniture that fits perfectly in your home and the prices may be much lower if you talk to a furniture designer or manufacturer.

Know your house!

Take a good look at the house plans and you will identify the electrical switches, water and gas taps and other features. Learn how to operate them! Make sure you know where, when and how to change furnace and air conditioning filters.

Learn to operate all systems: security, automation, garage door openers, water softeners, sprinkler systems, programmable thermostats, block entrance etc.