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For those who are interested in spending time outdoors, there are many things to do in Colorado to choose from. Colorado most certainly has plenty of tremendously beautiful places to go if you enjoy hiking.

At any rate, it is very important to have the right type of clothing while embarking on an adventure in this part of the country. That is due to the fact that the weather can be changing and unpredictable in this region. Outdoor enthusiasts at Air Academy Federal Credit Union say that the best option is to have several different layers of clothing, which you can remove easily in case the temperature rises and also can be put back on when it gets colder.

For instance, Rocky Mountain National Park is a great place to see while in Colorado. The views are truly spectacular and it has no less than 350 miles of hiking trails. Moreover, wildlife is also abundant here. You can also do rock climbing or horse riding. Among the numerous types of animals, we could include marmots, elks, pikas, and moose or bighorn sheep.

Garden of the Gods is another good place to go to. It has pretty dramatic landscapes and is registered as a public property. Another good idea would be to go on a round train trip from Durango to Silverton.