When it comes to choosing a restaurant for dining, you have several options, from gourmet to family-owned restaurants. What will you choose, and according to which criteria? The occasion? The food? The ambiance? The location? The price?

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All of these are valid reasons to take into account one restaurant or another, so let`s get into details a bit.

If you prefer a sophisticated setting in which plating is extremely important, as well as the attitude of the serving staff, a gourmet restaurant might be the right choice for you. Such a location is ideal to impress someone, whether it is a business partner or a loved one.

The food is typically extremely elaborate, prepared by experienced chefs, being on a different level than regular food, and the waiters carefully (but very discreetly!) watch each movement of the customers in order to make sure that their needs are met immediately. It’s definitely a nice and classy experience, but not necessarily suitable for anyone; first, because it’s expensive, and secondly because there are enough people who would prefer more relaxed restaurants in terms of etiquette, such as family-owned restaurants.

However, a credit union in Monument that offers financial services to the community suggests that family-owned restaurants, like local Arlene’s Beans,  can also offer you a very pleasant culinary experience with delicious home-like food, even without the level of sophistication of gourmet restaurants. The atmosphere is typically relaxed and lively, prices are affordable and the money stays in the local community.