Spending your vacation in Colorado is an excellent idea because the state is full of beautiful places and landscapes, providing plenty of opportunities to explore, relax and have a great time.

Finding the best vacation spots is easy. You can do some prospective work using the internet, browsing travel sites and blogs, reading other people’s recommendations and reviews, and making an itinerary. You can also ask for recommendations from people you know and trust who traveled through the Centennial state and can offer you some useful tips from their own experience.

These are a few recommendations from local AAFCU Colorado Springs representatives you might want to consider.


Denver is the biggest city in the state and offers an eclectic mix of vacation attractions. It is centered around an active and outdoorsy culture, so you will be able to find lots of opportunities to enjoy the city’s attractions and hike in the surrounding area.

Do not miss the Denver Art Museum and the Museum of Nature and Science, the Denver Zoo, Larimar Square, and so on.


Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs can be the perfect destination if you are a nature lover or passionate about cultural attractions. The places to visit here include the art galleries, the Air Force Academy, the Olympic Training Centre, the Garden of the Gods, and the Red Rock Canyon.


Aspen is probably the right destination for you if you want to spend your vacation in a magical winter wonderland. Here, you can fully enjoy a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains and many popular sky areas. And what can be more amazing after a day of adventure than to relax at the famous Glenwood Springs?