Visiting Colorado might leave you with a lot of stuff you want to do that you might not have time for in a short 1 -or 2-week trip. As such, it’s important to make sure you use all your time well, even the free time you might have, for instance, between getting lunch at your hotel and showing up on time to get on a guided tour 3 hours later.

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Depending on where you go in Colorado, representatives from a premier credit union near me in Monument advise that there will be some venues you can visit even while waiting for a certain time to arrive so you can get on with your itinerary. One of the best places to be if you want to find nearby locations to visit at short notice is the North Central Colorado metropolitan area, which comprises cities like Denver, Aurora, Boulder and Fort Collins – all-jam packed of exciting places you can visit without wasting much time.

You can go to one of the exciting museums found in Denver, such as the Denver Art Museum or the History Colorado Center, and still have enough time to take a 40-minute trip to Boulder and check out the Pearl Street Mall or even take a little more time to get some fresh air and visit Flagstaff Mountain just outside the city’s downtown area.