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Arguably the first thing people associate with Colorado is the Rocky Mountains, but this state actually has a wide variety of natural wonders and landscapes to see. It boasts national parks and public lands, so there is plenty to do outdoors.

Read on and discover a few recommendations from a satisfied customer at our well known credit union located in Monument.

Rocky Mountains National Park

This is a spectacular area (415 square miles), where visitors can enjoy fantastic landscapes, including the iconic Colorado peaks, lake-studded glacial basins and wildlife watching. There are campgrounds as well as lots of vacation rental options in Grand Lake and Estes Park.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

This park is quite underrated, although it is an astonishing sight, with a great view to the Sangre de Cristo range. You can hike the steep slopes of the dunes and then sled down. When it comes to accommodation, booking in advance is highly recommended, as accommodation options nearby the Great Sand Dunes are quite limited.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Visiting this area is a great alternative to visiting the Grand Canyon, as it offers dramatic crevasses with marbled rock walls. Some are so narrow that sunlight barely reaches the bottom for about an hour a day. There are several picturesque areas from where you can look into the depths and awe, but mind you, there aren’t any trails leading into the canyon. Usually, only the more experienced hikers have the courage do go on the unmarked routes.