The city of Denver, due to its size and the altitude at which it is located, has earned its reputation as “The Mile-High City”. A well-deserved title, if we think that at 1600 meters altitude, the metropolis managed to find the resources to grow not only in scale but also vertically, with its many skyscrapers. Denver is a place where you can see how man and nature coexist harmoniously, the Rocky Mountains being in the proximity.

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Denver is a lively city, with enough tourist attractions to keep you captivated for a long time. Its neighborhoods are clean, beautiful and worth exploring, and the old area is full of gardens, alleys and verdant terraces that will delight the visitors. In addition, there are also the parks, with extraordinarily elegant gardens and lakes with clean water.

A credit union in Littleton with extensive knowledge of the Denver area, recommends exploring the Capitol area!

Next, the Denver Art Museum is home to works of art from all over the world. It is a huge collection of paintings and sculptures that will take you hours of exploring each room separately.

The History Colorado Center is another point of interest of the city because here are exhibited elements related to the history of the entire state of Colorado, since its formation.

There are also some pedestrian areas full of restaurants, shops, cafes but also modern malls where you can relax and enjoy a book or a coffee.