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Colorado has its fair share of intriguing venues that you can visit any time. However, some of its most important attractions are outside the main cities, embodied in the rich splendor of Colorado’s natural landscapes and impressive national parks:

  • The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is set in a narrow gorge close to Montrose. If the million years worth of natural history doesn’t get you, then the beautiful view of this area will certainly peek your interest. The stunning scenery and the wide range of recreational options available here will also likely make you want to stay more, as will the history of its discovery, which dates back to the 1700s.
  • The Mesa Verde National Park is quite renowned around the world and for good reason. Located close to Cortez, in the soutwest of Colorado, this national park is home to the oldest Puebloan dwellings in the world. According to well traveled representatives from a credit union in Castle Rock, it is a haven for history and archaeology buffs, the park has many areas of interest hidden by the cliffs and challenging to get to. If you get to visit it, you should definitely check out the hour-long walking tour of Cliff Palace, which is home to numerous buildings and enclaves built into the cliffside.
  • The Rocky Mountain National Park is probably the most renowned national park in Colorado. Located between Grand Lake and Estes Park, it features many lakes and streams, and its total area is an impressive 415 square miles. Be sure to check out Trail Ridge Road, which is one of the most stunning and challenging paved road in the country, topping out at just over 12,000 feet!