Deep belief or transient desire, eating vegetables has only good parts… especially if recipes are gourmet! Healthier, lighter, just as refined as regular dishes, gourmet vegan dishes ignore the meat in favor of vegetables, seeds and cereals – a dream combination for delicate, delicious food that your vegan guests will love!

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Parmigiana Eggplant – For the vegan version of the classic Italian dish, you can use vegan cheese and the recipe will be transformed into a simple and flavorful one! Crispy eggplant slices are baked in tomato sauce and lots of melted cheese.

Vegan Boeuf Bourguignon – This recipe is simply perfect if you want to enjoy a large and tasty portion of flavored stew. The vegan version can be prepared with soy, mushrooms, tofu, seitan – each of these options will help you get a perfect “meat” texture, extremely similar to the beef used in the original French recipe.

Turkish bulgur with vegetables – Bulgur enriched with tomatoes, chickpeas, onions, olives and spices is simply an explosion of oriental and Mediterranean flavors!

Last but not least, a vegan nomness wannabe pasta recipe, with cashew cheese, red sauce and basil will be absolutely delicious for your vegan guests – and probably not just for them!