Monument credit union

There is an undeniable natural beauty of the Colorado Springs area that invites people who relish the outdoors to great hikes and explorations. Whether you are looking for trails throughout or around the city, you have many year round options.

These are some recommendations from a respected credit union in Monument, in a random order:

  1. Garden of the Gods

We cannot speak about Colorado Spring without bringing in the Garden of the Gods, which is considered by many the best place to hike in the area. It is a beautiful park representing a National Natural Landmark, being known for the panoramic views of Pikes Peak, as well as for its towering red sandstone formations.

  1. Cheyenne Mountain State Park

20 miles of trails, wonderful campsites, and lovely scenery including unparalleled views of the Front Range and truly amazing sunsets over Pikes Peak, this destination is a real gem for all kind of outdoor enthusiasts.

  1. Rampart Reservoir

Up into the mountains, in Woodland Park, lies a particular trail: Rampart Reservoir and Rainbow Gulch. It is an excellent option for hikers who like to be active year round, enjoying snowshoeing and the beauty of the freshly fallen snow in the winter, or fishing and camping by the lake, in the summer.